For over a decade, the average length of time to complete a personal training qualification has been falling. When the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) first set up in 2002, the shortest personal training qualification was 12 weeks. Fast forward to today and MANY training centres are now advocating you can get fully qualified as a personal trainer within 5 WEEKS! It doesn't take a rocket scientist, exercise kinesiologist or newly qualified personal trainer to work out that such a reduction in study time is going to seriously affect the quality of course offered. As a result, many newly-qualified personal trainers simply do not have the tools necessary to earn a successful living in the fitness industry. We are here to change that!

At Personal Training Mentorships, all of our staff have lived and breathed the fitness industry for many MANY years! However, we can all think back to a specific person or specific course that really inspired us to forge a career in the fitness industry and get paid to do something we loved.


Personal Training Mentorships was born to replicate that inspiration for individuals currently setting out on their own journey within the fitness industry. All of our Mentorship programmes are aimed to inspire YOU from Day 1 through to graduation and beyond!


All of our Mentorship programmes help you gain REPS approved Active IQ qualifications in both Gym Instruction and Personal Training. You will learn the course material in much more depth compared to other training centres and gain a much better idea of how to apply this information in the real world (not just how to pass the course assessments!).


Here are a couple of additional topics we cover to ensure you get the best learning experience possible:


  • Advanced programme design for various goals

  • How to build a successful business through marketing yourself in the right way

  • How to sell bespoke results-based personal training packages to clients, not single sessions


You will also receive the following paperwork templates to help you work 1-2-1 with clients:


  • Exercise programme templates for goals including postural realignment, cardiovascular improvements, muscle hypertrophy split routines and strength programmes

  • Nutrition consultation sheets and protocols to apply advanced nutritional support to your clients

  • PAR-Q forms, needs analysis sheets, client-trainer agreement forms (to name but a few!)


So, don't just learn the 'whats', but learn the 'whys' to ensure you enter the industry feeling confident in designing bespoke training, nutrition and lifestyle plans for each client based on their goals, needs and aspirations.