Advanced Programme Design

When working with clients, a personal trainer must ensure they have a large arsenal of exercises they can use to ensure their clients remain motivated and achieve their long term training goals. Along with this, a personal trainer also needs to have a clear understanding of how training variables significantly affect their clients ability to achieve these goals.

Within this workshop, you will be shown how to develop advanced programmes for clients trying to achieve goals such as fat-loss, hypertrophy, balance and core strength. Examples of what will be discussed include:

  • Optimising acute training variables (volume, intensity, density, frequency, exercise selection and sequencing of exercises)

  • Structuring a training session (pre-training, mobility, dynamic stretches, activation drills, main component and post-training recovery techniques)

  • Progressive overload principles and application

You will walk away from this workshop with training templates designed to help the most advanced of clients achieve their goals

Working with the Corporate client

Long hours, high stress, travel and tight deadlines can all lead to the most dedicated of corporate client failing to stick to their exercise or nutrition plan

This advanced workshop will help you apply the 4 pillars of healthy living to a busy corporate workers everyday life to ensure they create and stick to healthy habits. These 4 pillars are:

  • Physical habits - How to ensure your client sticks to healthy activity patterns, nutrition habits and sleeping patterns around their busy schedule

  • Emotional habits - Learn how to manage both your own and your client's emotional brains! This will help reduce daily stress, control binge eating, avoid unnecessary arguments  and reduce negative feelings of self doubt and worry

  • Mental habits - Teach clients how to remain focused on their long terms goals. Understand how to avoid focusing on self-limiting beliefs, and how to re-focus on what is important 

  • Spiritual habits - Find out EXACTLY what clients want to achieve and what truly motivates them in life. Use this powerful information to create long term sustainable change

From Consultation to Closing

It doesn't matter how well you understand anatomy and physiology, programme design or periodisation, or how impressive your six-pack is, selling yourself as a personal trainer is about demonstrating to potential clients how you can help them achieve their long term goals.

Within this workshop, you will learn how to boost your confident in selling your services and building your client-base to become one of the most well-know personal trainers within your gym.

Here are a few things you will learn within this workshop:

  • A sales funnel of how many leads you need to generated in order to produce a sale

  • How to change opinions - understanding the behavioural change wheel

  • Scripts of what to say when approaching clients on the gym floor

  • How to structure a free 'taster' trial session to generate interest in your services

  • How to sell bespoke personal training packages, not individual sessions

  • How to retain a client base using a client-centred approach

You will leave this workshop with an action plan of what you need to do in order to achieve your target income.

Postural/Movement Assessment

Assessment of a client's static and dynamic posture is vital to ensure you write effective training programmes that will keep them injury free and help achieve them achieve their long term goals

This workshop will give you many handy tips, tests and procedures to successfully assess the following:

  • Pelvic alignment and progressive corrective exercise programmes for postures including flat back and hollow back

  • Shoulder girdle and head position, along with corrective exercise

  • Range of motion tests for the joints of both the upper and lower body

  • Analysis of key movement patterns to assess both overactive and underachieve muscles

  • PNF stretching application and practice

  • Where and when to add corrective exercises into a client's programme

You will leave this workshop with the knowledge of how to assess and successfully help clients with a wide range of musculoskeletal imbalances.

Applying Nutrition to 3 Levels of Client

The nutritional habits of your clients are vital to their success. However the level of advice you give to clients regarding nutrition should be based on the understanding of the client in question.

This workshop will help you identify how to develop a nutrition strategy for 3 levels of client:

  • The 'Newbie' - This type of client has no understanding of nutrition whatsoever. Understand how to coach these individuals to ensure they are making small sustainable changes to their nutrition

  • The 'Mis-guided' - This type of client self-proclaims that they have tried everything in order to achieve their goal however has always failed. Understand what it takes to get these types of individuals achieving success

  • The 'Scientist' - This type of client talks a good game, and also looks the part. But currently isn't getting anywhere. Understand what advanced strategies can be adopted in order to break the plateau

You will leave this workshop with a clear idea of how to approach nutrition differently with these 3 different levels of clientele, regardless of their actual training goal

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